No one and nothing is against you. This is the absolute Truth. You may not believe it now. You may have a lifetime of evidence to the contrary. But until you realize that the entire universe is for you, you may never experience your wholeness and true worth.

In this class, we learn to go beyond merely managing the conflict in our lives to actually embracing the conflict, allowing it to teach us what we otherwise might not learn.This process leads to peacemaking … whether it be within ourselves, in our relationships, or as a result of outside circumstances.

Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons integrates spiritual principles, biblical quotes, and martial arts philosophy (he is a fourth-degree black belt in tae kwon do) as well as concepts from modern science–especially quantum theory. In this way he points us to the “I” of the storm of conflict, to our spiritual Self, as the means of realizing peace in our lives.

Facilitated by Michele Coleman, LUT.

Required texts: I of the Storm: Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons and Day-By-Day Reconciliation Journal: A 21 Day Spiritual Practice by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons.