Membership at Unity Spiritual Center Albuquerque offers you the opportunity to grow in Spirit. As you pursue your spiritual path, we encourage you to explore what it means to be committed to living universal truths.

Membership in USC is not required, and it is encouraged as a way for an individual to commit to his or her own spiritual growth. Active members attend services regularly, participate in events, invest their time in service to our spiritual community, attend classes, and contribute their financial gifts.

Why consider membership?

Becoming a member confirms to you and your spiritual community that you are committed to living a life of love, abundance, and meaning. It affirms a sense of commitment to personal spiritual growth, ownership of your individual beliefs, and a willingness to make a difference. Additionally, only members can vote on important church matters and the following programs are open to Members only – Prayer Chaplain Program, Prayer Team, and Mystery School.

Classes recommended for membership are offered twice a year.

  • Membership classes culminate with a sacred blessing from our spiritual community during our celebration services.
  • If you have been attending Unity Spiritual Center for a minimum of six months and would like to become a member, we encourage you to do the following:
    • Read the Unity Identity Statement
    • Read one core Unity Book (available in our bookstore):
      • The Five Principles, Ellen Debenport
      • The Story of Unity, James Dillet Freeman
      • Unity: A Quest for Truth, Eric Butterworth
      • How to Pray Without Talking to God, Linda Martella-Whitsett
    • Attend One New Member Class (select one):
      • Unity Basics Class
      • Prosperity Plus Class
      • New Member Orientation
    • Submit an application for membership to the office. The Board of Trustees will act on it within a month of submission.