Our music team provides an uplifting and energetic opening of hearts that supports the minister’s message, and creates a sense of unity. The high-quality, heart-opening music is used in almost every facet of our service and is coordinated with the minister’s message.

Todd Lowry has been the Music Director at USC since 1999. He has a rich and deep musical background as a pianist, singer, music director, composer of spiritual and popular music.

Music is used in almost every facet of our service, other than the message, and actually, it’s sometimes even used in the message. At USC, the music is coordinated with the minister’s message, is lyrically appropriate, high quality and heart-opening. We have a talented and dedicated Music Team, including Becca Grant (vocals), Bill Brooks (vocals) Ayesha Livingston (vocals), Lesley Goddin (percussion), John Vandermey (percussion), Bert Thomasson (guitar), Paul Allen (drums), Francisco Gavila (bass), and occasional others.

We also have great professional vocalists. Our regular rotation includes Dianna Hughes, Patty Stephens, Gene Corbin, and Kari Simmons. At times, we have special guest musicians and they’re always top-class, too. Our new and improved sound system allows us to capture music and our Sunday message with professional quality.

If you’d like to know more about Todd and our wonderful music team, SEND HIM AN EMAIL!

Kirtan: Chanting at Unity

Tapping the traditions of many spiritual paths, sacred chants heal and transform us through their blissful energy. All are welcome and encouraged to sing, dance and take in the uplifting energy. No musical training is necessary. Bring who you are to this sacred container and let your heart open. Chanting in Unity currently consists of Ayesha Livingston on harmonium and vocals, Todd Lowry on keyboard, bass and vocals, Bert Thomasson on guitar and vocals, and Keely Mackey on cello and vocals.

Chanting at Unity, in the Kirtan tradition, performs the fourth Friday of the month under the leadership of Ayesha Livingston. The Kirtan music is played with drums (mrdanga, pakhawai, and at times a tabla), harmonium, keyboard, and other instruments in the traditional call-and-response style of vedic music; some in Sanskrit, some in English.

Come and join us for the songs of that express love, devotion, spiritual connection, mythological stories, oneness with God, and social connection that evoke a whole realm of emotions, engaging for the performers and the audience. There’s also room to move or dance to the singing. LISTEN TO KIRTAN