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STARTS TONIGHT, AUGUST 2, 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary at USCABQ
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Dear Unity Family,

In Unity and other New Thought Communities we often say we want "to Co-create a World That Works For All".  That is a very noble and lofty goal!  As a minister I have often pondered the fact that we are no nearer to that goal than we were when I first heard it over thirty years ago.  What is holding us back?

Perhaps the biggest challenge is that the actions we must take to accomplish creating that world are so big and require skills that we as individuals may not have.  Our own growing edges need to be addressed first, then we can more effectively serve others.

As I have studied the teachings of Jesus, I have noticed that he would meet the needs of individuals first, in order that they may then be able to meet other's needs.  One of the things he did was to gather a circle of people whom he could teach and train to go out into the world and spread his teachings.  Tradition says there were twelve, but in fact there were many more, and many of them were women. The hope was that each of those "Circle Members" (Apostles), would then go out and create new circles.

We at USCABQ have the opportunity to continue the process by creating "Happy Circles" here!  This Sunday, world renowned teacher, author and creator Scott Miller will join us to explain how we will create our own circle first, through support, and find our own individual passions and gifts, then we will now exactly how to use those to be co-creators ourselves!   

Come and join the Circle of Co-Creation!  Come and become the "Continuation of the Great Educational Movement Inaugurated by Jesus the Christ".  (Charles Fillmore's definition of Unity)

Love & Light,


PS. Alan and Christina Kinner, our dear friends and advocates for USC,  who own Life Is a Gem will bless us with a display of their "Gems" too!

Scott C. Miller, Founder of Circles USA

Scott has spent his career working with over 150 communities throughout North America to create new programs that support thousands of people with their plans to move out of poverty and thrive. He lives here in Albuquerque and currently consults a select group of communities across the country to replace poverty management systems with prosperity systems. Happy Circles is his semi-retirement passion project to help anyone with achieving goals that bring more meaning and community into their life. He will be personally facilitating this 5-week program. Scott has a deep connection to Unity throughout the USA.

What to Expect
Happy Circles has organized five sessions to help you decide what is your next important goal in life, and how can you achieve it with the help of a personal Happy Circles.  You will:
•    Learn how Circles work and how it can work for you.
•    Develop a plan to accomplish an important goal, like having more money, or losing weight, finding a romantic partner, starting a new career, finding a home, and so on. Any goal is fair game in Happy circles. 
•    Be invited to create a circle with others in the group who want the same goal, or who have already accomplished that goal and want to help another to do the same.  
•    Give and receive assistance so that everyone in the group can succeed with their chosen goal.
Happy Circles is community project supported by locally owned businesses and nonprofits here in ABQ.   Life is a Gem is a founding partner.

Alan and Christina Kinner are both certified life coaches and hypnotherapists who will be co-facilitating with Scott the Happy Circles sessions.  They are strong advocates for Unity Spiritual Center  and will have their "Gems" on display!  They will also be available for individual sessions to help people transform their lives.