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Please join us for our Sunday Celebration Service!

Time: 10:00 am

 - Youth and Family Ministry: infant to 18 yrs.
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Prayerful Meditation Practice
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Unity Spiritual Center
If you consider yourself spiritual but not religious or spiritual AND religous, or you are questioning your childhood faith or simply looking for something more, Unity may feel like a homecoming.

Unity is a spiritual movement that honors all paths to God; sees God as good and everywhere present; and affirms the spark of divinity in all of us.

We welcome you, fellow traveler, and pray that you find what you are looking for at Unity.  Go to our
About Us section to find out more!

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Now Until December 14

December 19 at 7:00 pm

December 24
Christmas Eve Services
Family Service: 5:00 pm
Candle Lighting Service: 7:00 pm

December 31 at 7:00 pm
New Year's Eve
Burning Bowl Service

January 4 at 10:00 am
Sunday Service
White Stone Ceremony


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