Noetic Balancing is designed to support your spiritual well-being. Along with prayer, meditation, spiritual counseling and service, Noetic Balancing is a powerful tool for your spiritual growth.

The effects of Noetic Balancing are often subtle but can also be profound. Some of the benefits can include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Obtaining greater clarity
  • Receiving greater joy and confidence
  • Expanding your sense of well-being

Noetic Balancing is a form of spiritual education. It is primarily an educational process that touches many levels of your transformational learning. It is not designed to treat any mental health disorder or replace the services of counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, or any other professional providing services appropriate to your needs.

Please let us know in advance if you experience symptoms associated with a mental health disorder. The practitioner is primarily a spiritual educator, ministering to your transformational needs and the curriculum of your soul. We make no claims as to the success or outcome of your experience. There is always a possibility that the session will miss your expectations, however, there is the same likelihood that your expectations will be surpassed.

There are many energy field therapies available. Each has its unique contribution. Regardless of outer similarities, these services may not be the same, because of differences in practitioners, techniques, and spiritual sources. We encourage you to consider each on its own merit and not compare.

How It WorksDuring Your BalancingAfter Your BalancingConfidentiality
Noetic Balancing uses wisdom teachings and forgiveness to address modern spiritual development needs and includes working with the energy field that surrounds the body. This field reflects our physical, emotional, mental, archetypal and spiritual levels. Spiritual centers, called chakras in yoga psychology, integrate this field and the systems of the physical body and correspond with specific psychological structures. Blocks in the flow of this energy are caused by judgments that we made, or beliefs we constructed, in response to challenging or traumatic events.

Each issue, or block, serves a deeper intentional soul aim to awaken you to a greater sense of center, wisdom, love, or power within you. As our attachment to our limiting beliefs is transformed, we often have spontaneous awareness of the soul’s intention. Distortions in the field are also caused by the tension and emotion of everyday living, which usually balance easily without conversation. From your perspective, give yourself the liberty to forgive yourself for limiting and self-judging beliefs, and allow yourself to respond to the experience as it is offered.

You will lie down on a massage table. The practitioner will open with a prayer and work silently for awhile, using hands or a pendulum to sense, connect with field patterns, and focus balancing energy. The pendulum used during this process acts as a tool to detect, release, and focus energy. It is no more than an extension of the rapport and spiritual alignment that we share in the balancing relationship.

The practitioner will ask you a series of open-ended questions that correspond to different spiritual centers. These questions can elicit memories and challenges that some individuals find quite personal. You are being invited to share such experiences in order to distill the beliefs and judgments you made against your own spiritual essence.

The practitioner will then assist you in forming self-forgiveness statements that you will be invited to repeat out loud. It is your self-forgiveness that allows higher consciousness to balance any distortions in your field. No set of attitudes or beliefs are imposed upon you. Any suggestions made to you are given as options that may assist you in clearing and balancing your energy field. The session will last approximately 75 minutes and will end with closing energy work.

As the session begins, the practitioner will use a prayer that aligns her/him and evokes a spiritual presence that we call the Christ or Holy Spirit. This presence refers to the loving, dynamic intelligence and mystery that permeates all creation and is never in conflict with any positive spiritual path and will complement your spiritual practices. If your fundamental spiritual viewpoint causes you to feel discomfort with this approach, this service may not be appropriate for you at this time..

Because of the spiritual nature of the service, we make no promises as to the results or outcome you may receive. The effects are often subtle and you may not always be aware of changes. On the other hand, you may be aware of intense changes in new ways. You may need time to adjust to the positive changes resulting from your experience. For that reason, we suggest that you do not engage in sexual activity or the use of alcohol or non-prescription drugs for the three days following your session.

After your first session, we recommend two additional follow-up sessions no sooner than two weeks apart. Each session builds a foundation for the next. After the first three sessions, scheduling a session every six to twelve months can be helpful. The final determination is always your intuitive sense for when the next session would be helpful to you.

What you share during your balancing will be kept confidential with certain reasonable limits. For example, the practitioner may share information without your permission in situations which include, but are not limited to, where there is a risk of bodily harm to yourself, threatened harm to others, or reasonable suspicion of any type of child abuse or elder abuse. The practitioner may also respectfully share basic information for ongoing development in consultation with other practitioners.

Exchange: Noetic Balancing is offered at a suggested love offering of $100. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and to experience the power of a Noetic Balancing for yourself. Your contribution blesses us all and is shared 50/50 between the practitioner and Unity Spiritual Center.

Please DOWNLOAD our informed consent form and bring it with you to your first visit.

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