Our December Power of the Month is LIFE

Happy Circles
Would you like more meaning, money, and friends?

Happy Circles are very popular!  The Happy Circles series consists of five sessions to help you decide what is your next important goal in life, and how can you achieve it with the help of personal Happy Circles.  Find Happy Circles under "Events" and in our calendar

You will:
•    Learn how Circles work and how they can work for you.
•    Develop a plan to accomplish an important goal, like having more money, or losing weight, finding a romantic partner, starting a new career, finding a home, and so on. Any goal is fair game in Happy circles. 
•    Be invited to create a circle with others in the group who want the same goal, or who have already accomplished that goal and want to help another to do the same.  
•    Give and receive assistance so that everyone in the group can succeed with their chosen goal.

Come join the fun and meet your goals at the same time!  

Join your Unity friends in the Circle by emailing office@abqunity.org 


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