Music is used in almost every facet of our service, other than the message, and it’s sometimes even used in the message. At USC, the music is coordinated with the minister’s message, is lyrically appropriate, high quality and heart-opening.We have a talented and dedicated Music Team led by Todd Lowry on piano who is joined by other team members, Brian Griesmeyer, guitar and vocals, Sharon Eldridge, percussion , David Craig, keyboards (2nd and 4th Sundays), Dianna Hughes and Bill Brooks, vocalists, and occasional guest musicians. Our regular rotation of professional vocalists includes Bill Brooks and Dianna Hughes. At times, we bring in special guest musicians from other parts of the country. Our professional-quality sound system allows us to capture music and our Sunday message with clarity and beauty.



TODD LOWRY, USC ABQ Music Direction, piano
BRIAN GRIESMEYER, guitar and vocals
DAVID CRAIG,  keyboard (2nd and 4th Sundays)
BILL BROOKS, vocalist 

 About our Team:                  

Todd Lowry has been the Music Director at Unity Spiritual Center since 1999. He has a Master's degree in composition, piano and voice and a rich background as a pianist, singer, arranger and songwriter. He has written 30 piano Instructional music books and 4,000 piano arrangements published by Hal Leonard. His songs have been published by Hal Leonard and Unity Worldwide Ministries. He has a song in the newly published, Empower songbook, All Together Now. He is the recipient of several New Mexico Music Awards, including an award in 2022.

Joining us on 2nd and 4th Sundays, David Craig served as Music Minister at Unity of Huntington, NY, beginning in 2005. He also directed the adult choir and Men's Group for several years at Old First Reformed Church in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate of the conservatory of music at Brooklyn College, David taught music and piano to pre-K through 8th grade students. David has been a lifelong musician, has toured with many singing groups, with the USO tours, and was music director for cabaret shows in NYC. He and his wife, Kelly, moved to Albuquerque early in 2023 and David has since become a regular member of the USC ABQ Music Team on keyboards. He joins the team on 2nd and 4th Sundays.



We have had the joy of presenting a monthly evening of Kirtan in the Albuquerque community over the past decade. Its third incarnation was launched as SACRED CHANTS. We currently present our monthly Sacred Chants both in-person and on Facebook Live. Featuring musicians within the Unity community, local guests, and national touring artists, Sacred Chants events at USC celebrate the joyful and sacred practice of devotional chanting and the sacred songs from many spiritual traditions.

During these gatherings, mantra, music and meditation come together as a creative and timeless vocal spiritual practice. Members of the Kirtan Musicians leading the chants are:  Todd Lowry (keyboards), Brian Griesmeyer (guitar), Martyne Backman (harmonium), Lesley Goddin (drums), and Kaylin Devi Rose (Kaylin with be with us through February, 2024, Chants).

Individuals participating create the opportunity to experience greater peace, personal transformation and insight. All are welcome and encouraged to sing, dance, and meditate as the energies unfold throughout the evening. No musical training or experience is required. It’s not about right notes, it’s about authentic spirit! We gather with the understanding that our open hearts and voices are an offering of love and devotion to the Divine and a blessing to all.

Feel free to bring your meditation cushion or yoga mat. Some back jack and regular seating will also be available. Doors will open 20 minutes prior to the event. Use main entrance unless you required special access due to special needs. Those individuals may enter via the south ADA accessible door. Your admission love offering helps us to cover expenses including the space.

Come and join us for the songs that express love, devotion, spiritual connection, mythological stories, oneness with God, and social connection and evoke a whole realm of emotions, engaging for the performers and the audience. There’s also room to move or dance to the singing.

Check our calendar and Events to see when the next Sacred Chants is coming. You can also get on the email list for updates or cancellations; to do so, email At this time, events are scheduled on the last Friday of the month. Start time is 7:00 pm with the final closing by 8:30 pm. Most chants are presented in call and response fashion and lyrics will be projected on a screen. Love offering.

Unity Spiritual Center ABQ also holds occasional concerts. Check our Events for updates!